Power levels are bullshit 1 – VenomMyotismon vs Piedmon

Hello and welcome to the first edition of “Power levels are bullshit”. In this one, we’re going to look at a very interesting match-up between two of the most powerful beings from Digimon Adventure 01.

Short disclaimer – You have to know that I will base this strictly on what was shown in the source material, and not on favouritism. And even if I did, it would be a draw, because I like both characters about the same. So with that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Generally, most people seem to be in agreement about the idea, that Piedmon is naturally the stronger of the two, based on their respective fights against WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. However, I think most people seem to jump to false conclusions quickly.

While it’s true, that Piedmon defeated WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon faster, than VenomMyotismon did, that does not nescessarily mean, that he’s the stronger one. To actually determine a clear winner we have to look not only at the outcome and length of their fights, but dig a bit deeper and actually look at how those fights went.

Let’s go with Piedmon’s fight first, as that fight was much simpler and faster. Sure, Piedmon made quick work out of the two mega digimon, but here’s a few things people seem to gloss over, when debating this fight.

Against Piedmon, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon went in pretty much blind, assuming, that he was just an average mega level. But he’s not. He’s the strongest of the Dark Masters by far, so he’s more like 2 or 3 times as strong as a regular mega. (Number is based on the fact, that he could outfight WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, two megas, but by not that much, so he’s either equal or somewhat stronger than the two combined.) They did not know that. With VenomMyotismon, they already witnessed his power, so they had a basic idea of what to expect. That makes a whole world of difference in a fight. They were much more cautious against VenomMyotismon, then they were against Piedmon. They underestimated him, and they payed the price. Note, how they totally run unprepared into Truph Sword the first time, while the second time, they defeat the attack with relative ease. Knowing, what you’re up against can make or break a fight, after all. The comments from the kids after the first fight also points to the fact that they assumed, that just ’cause Piedmon and their Digimon were on the same level, he would only be as strong as WarGreymon or MetalGarurumon. A clear miscalculation on their part.

Another thing to consider is, that Piedmon was much more active in their fight than VenomMyotismon was, probably thanks to the fact, that VenomMyotismon’s intelligence is rather low, while Piedmon is very smart. So he wasn’t just standing around, waiting to  be attacked, he went for the kill instantly. It’s also worth noting that VenomMyotismon is a lot bigger than Piedmon, and significantly slower too, so he’s a much easier target to hit. Also, he wasn’t exactly trying to avoid any of the attacks, he was just standing there tanking them.

Also, it’s worth mentioning, that Piedmon dodged both WarGreymon’s and MetalGarurumon’s attacks, while VenomMyotismon took them head on and survived without much harm. In shonen, it’s pretty much an unwritten rule, that if a characater is strong enough to take an attack, he will show off his strength and tank it, but if he’s not, he’s going to dodge instead. So  that should be taken into consideration as well, when comparing the two. VenomMyotismon took several attacks from the two megas head on and survived without much problem, then proceeded to own all of the digidestined’s digimon right after with zero effort. Even though the DramonKiller (combined with the attacks of MetalGarurumon, Angemon and Angewomon) damaged him, it did not do much harm in the long run, it only pissed him off. He still owned his opponents easily, once he started actually attacking them.
Piedmon on the other hand, has not once actually tanked an attack from either of the megas, he always avoided them.

Another factor to take in, that it took deus ex machina via Digicrests to beat VenomMyotismon, and even then they only managed to kill him because they attacked his weak spot in his crotch. We saw previously, that attacking any other part of him didn’t do any real damage, so that’s pretty impressive on his part.

On the other hand, once WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon got their rematch against Piedmon, they prooved to be worthy opponents for him. He had to resort to his keychain trick to beat them. Now, one could say is that it’s because they grew stronger since their first fight, but honestly, they did not fight enough  between the two battles to really gain that much additional strength. The time between the original fight and the rematch between Piedmon and the digidestined wasn’t like the time between their fights with Shellmon. In the latter’s case, several months and dozens of battles happened. MetalGarurumon only fought WarGreymon and Puppetmon once, between his two battles with Piedmon. That’s not much. Especially, since his “battle” with Puppetmon consisted of simply one-shotting his opponent with zero effort. Therefore I can’t say that the two megas could have grown significantly stronger between their first and second fights against Piedmon. I think that knowing their opponent the second time around was what actually made a difference.

I mean just look at the two battles. First time, they attack, Piedmon dodges both and quickly uses Trumph Sword to beat them before they can do anything in response. In this fight, they didn’t know Piedmon and underestimated him. The second time, they knew whom they were dealing with, and it showed. They managed to beat his Trumph Sword attack because this time they were more prepared and aware, and when attacking him, they succceeded and managed to send him back flying, all that from an undirect hit. Experience and familiarity was the key, not strength.

I would also like to add, that VenomMyotismon’s Venom Infusion attack was actually strong enough to completely obliterate skyscrapers right on contact. That’s pretty impressive, and it shows a much greater destructive force, than anything we’ve seen on Piedmon’s part. While that does not mean, that he couldn’t do something similar, but still, the fact remains that he never did anything on that scale.

Another thing in VenomMyotismon’s favour is the fact, that he wasn’t at full power, when he fought. We know this from the fact, that he kept on talking about how he hungers, and “needs more energy”, to which DemiDevimon replied, that there are the people in the building he could consume. I think it’s a safe bet to say, that actually dining on those people would have significantly increased his already great power. This is further supported by Myotismon’s previous comment, where he implies, that him sucking human blood helps him to gain more energy against the 8th Digidestined.
Also, if we consider, how completely OP Myotismon was for an ultra, it adds further support to the idea, that VenomMyotismon would have been much stronger, had he fed properly. After all, he was just reborn. I mean, as an ultra, Myotismon completely owned 6 other fairly powerful ultras with zero effort, so it’s unlikely that a digimon that strong would digivolve into a mega who’s “only” as strong as 3 regular megas, instead of a mega who can just as easily defeat 6 regular megas.
Let’s put it into numbers. Let’s say, an ultra digimon (for example MetalGreymon) from the digidestined is a 1. Myotismon then is at last a 7, as he easily overpowers 6 of them. Let’s say the mega level is a 10 times burst.
In that case, shouldn’t VenomMyotismon be at least a 70, instead of being around 30? As VenomMyotismon, he easily overpowers two regular megas, but not as easily as Myotismon overpowers two regular ultras. So unless VenomMyotismon’s digivolution was well below average in it’s powerup multiplier compared to say, WarGreymon’s digivolution, it must mean that at full power, VenomMyotismon would have been much, much stronger than he was shown to be. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me that such a high-tier ultra would digivolve into a low-mid-tier mega. This is of course just guessing, but I would say it’s an educated guess at the very least.

Still, even if we only consider the strength he actually had, I would say that based on his feats, both offensive and defensive, he outclasses Piedmon in terms of raw power, durability and destructive ability. However, Piedmon is much smarter and also way faster, so an actual battle between the two could really go either way in my opinion. Unless we’re talking about a fully fed VenomMyotismon, which we never saw unfortunetly. In that case, I would have to give the victory to him by a significant margin.

So that was the first installation of “Power levels are bullshit”. I hope you guys enyjoyed it. Remember, this is all just theory and personal opinion, and it’s okay to have a differing one as long as we keep it nice and civil.


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