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Power levels are bullshit! – introduction

Hello and welcome to a new segment of this little blog, called “Power levels are bullshit”.
Most of You probably know, that the title is a refference to DBZ and nerdy versus discussions in general.
You know, those discussions, where they pit one fictional character against another, say, Superman vs Goku, or Hulk vs Thanos, where they start with scans and they usually degenerate into a meaningless game of Angry Nerds, where everyone involved is only humiliating themselfs.
See, the thing is, I… usually stay away from those, for two main reasons.

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Serpents of Eden – Unalaq

So let’s talk about Unalaq, the resident¬†baddie from Book II of Legend of Korra.
In this post, we’ll have a look at his personality, his backstory, his powers and his overall place in the story, as well as some of the most common issues people seem to have with him, to determine¬†how well he holds up as a villain.
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Hero’s Journey – Bra (DragonBall Multiverse)

So, let’s talk about Bra from the online fan-manga Dragonball Multiverse, as this was a topic requested by several people.
Probably an odd choice to start off the Hero’s Journey series of this blog, as many would argue, that she is in fact, not a hero at all. Which in itself, already says a lot, so let’s dive right in to see, how she holds up as a character as well as a hero.

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